Scottish Rural Hospitality Awards


We had a great night … some of us too great – just saying boys!

We were disappointed not to win the award being a competitive family. However, we lost to the Kylesku Hotel which looks like an absolutely fantastic place on the waterfront in Sutherland. It has won lots of awards previously, so we did not feel too let down.

However, the teacher in me is wondering what we learned from the experience and we will have that on our agenda for our next business meeting, which we have at least once a month in a formal manner (the others are around the dinner table usually).

We had such nice people at our table who shared really personal stories of adversity, but, here they were creating businesses for their families which were excelling. One thing I had reinforced was that the human spirit is such a strong, beautiful and precious thing.

It was a great night and if you are reading this Kylesku Hotel – watch out! We are going to learn from you and see you next time! Well done to them.