Red Squirrels play in the winter wonderland….

We woke up this morning to a beautiful white covering of snow. I headed out on the track towards Aberfoyle and came across some little Red Squirrel prints. So cute.

The Red Squirrels at Dreamcatchers are very busy at present gathering nuts. The females are pregnant and we are very excited to be having baby Red Squirrels 🐿 (Kits)) shortly. You are almost guaranteed to see a Red Squirrel if you stay in the cabins. They are so beautiful scurrying around the forest.

We are delighted at the growth in the population. Red Squirrels (our native squirrel) are Red on the endangered species list. We are keen to help turn this around.

The snow is back on, the scenery is beautiful, there is a stillness in the forest that comes with snow. I am so tempted to sneak up to a cabin, put the fire on, run the bath, sink in with a book and watch the squirrels. If I can’t be found – you may just hold the answer. 🤫