Prostate Scotland and Dreamcatcher Cabins



We were delighted to be able to donate to Prostate Scotland through a family, who in their darkest days, decided to turn their adversity into positive action and have raised £11,200 for Prostate Scotland.

All you men reading this get on to the website above and see if you have any of the symptoms. For this brave family, it sneaked up silently on them. Caught in time it does not need to be a killer – it is very manageable indeed. For the women reading this – get on and read the symptoms as I will bet your Dad, partner, brother will not bother – so many men do not even know where their prostate is!

We look forward to having them stay after all their fundraising events. When the voucher went up for auction their daughter bid the full amount, explained it was for her mum and dad to have some time together and nobody else bid.

Once again I am reminded of the beauty and strength of the human spirit.