Our Facebook Group

“Guests of Dreamcatcher Cabins”

We have a facebook group called “Guests of Dreamcatcher Cabins”. It is a great place for guests past and present to chat with each other about their experiences.

It is just so lovely for us to read about how much pleasure our guests are getting from their stays. When we were thinking about how the cabins should look and feel when they were still just a dream for us it is exactly what we imagined. Couples reconnecting in the woods surrounded by wildlife. Here are some comments from today:

“We stayed last weekend for our 10th wedding anniversary and it was amazing! Cannot describe how peaceful we felt just cocooned up together with the sounds of nature, the bath was amazing! The bed was fantastic although possibly the highest best I’ve ever climbed into 😂 We wandered in Aberfoyle on the Saturday and spent a lovely couple of hours in the beer garden of the forth inn, food was really nice and really friendly staff. Can’t wait to come back!”

The guest that have stayed in the last couple of weeks will have been impressed by the owl activity – they have been so vocal!

It is a very calm day today at Dreamcatchers. We are full but nobody is coming or going so we are having a quiet day and catching up on other things (not work-related shhhhhh).