Dreamcatcher Cabins

Our Competition winner

Congratulations to our competition winner Claire Sandanger!

Claire drop me a message and we will get you booked in at a time that suits you best. We were so sad about the scammer who targeted our competition. It was such a cruel and dishonest thing to do – beyond belief.

All go here today. After sitting in the sun and taking it easy for weeks we have a list as long as your arm to get through before 17th July and are running around like the proverbially blue fly!

Will arrives on Friday for the build of Hedgehog Hideaway and he hopes to have it complete in 2 weeks. I have not ordered the things I need to eg the bath, fire etc so I need to get moving on that tomorrow. I have a long list of things I need to purchase. I always try to purchase locally, ethically and I have added morally to the list now too!

We had such a great time with Will the last build. We laughed every day and his beautiful dog Kimba was such a lovely addition to the team. I am looking forward to seeing her too. It will be like old times but building one cabin rather than 4 must be so much easier!

The only thing I am determined we will not repeat is Will being so tired he cut the top of his finger! That was not a good day. Poor Ryan was dispatched to the forest to find it with a bag and ice, while I tried not to faint and Brian took charge of the first aid! Not a good situation at all.

We started last time with so little idea of how hard it was going to be mentally and physically, never having done a cabin build before. We had renovated houses but it just seemed so much more complicated working outdoors and building from scratch on such a tight deadline. It did for me anyway but we did it.

Will was an absolute star and we all worked together beautifully. Really, my work consisted of mainly keeping everyone fed with home baking and nice meals. I did my fair share of shoveling hardcore too though and when I now say I shifted 20 tonnes (which I did) nobody believes me!

We are hoping to get Claire back to work next week in our programme of getting back on track. We are going to do some sorting of linen, painting of wood preservative, sanding, digging …. you get the picture.

Over the last few days, I have been on the computer all day dealing with bookings. We are so grateful to everyone who has booked. It is a great relief to us that we are able to open fairly shortly (17th July). We are so looking forward to having you back.