Our camper is progressing …

We are delighted with the progress of our camper. It is looking splendid in our company colours. I hope you agree.

We are hoping to have it available for bookings from October onwards. We will be charging one price for the hire with no add ons. You will have everything included with no additional charges.

We will have the lovely Dreamcatcher bedding, bike rack, phone charge points, portable toilet, outdoor toilet tent or awning (not quite decided yet so let us know if you have a preference) amongst other things.

It will be done out in oak, with tartan curtains and cushions. Of course, we will have fairy lights in the true Dreamcatcher style.

We are so looking forward to having it complete. It will soon be available to book. It will be £197 per night and the minimum booking will be 7 days so £1379. We expect it will be popular, as the cabins are, for honeymoons and romantic trips away. We will keep you posted.