Our Beautiful Planet

Our Beautiful Planet

Still reading? I know I get sick hearing the lectures too. Brian, Jamie and Ross are such good eco-warriors. They have bamboo toothbrushes, buy minimal clothes, to the point of being ridiculous when they are trying to go anywhere (a date with a hole in your jumper?????), they recycle furiously (they even go through the bins regularly at Dreamcatchers sorting the waste), read everything going, discuss, debate – it’s exhausting!

They are passionate about nature too. Does anyone else have a baby hedgehog living in their office at present? Thought not. When we created Dreamcatchers we considered at every level, (still do) how we could create it with a smaller carbon footprint and to the benefit of nature around.

I find it SO much more difficult. I love nature, I love our countryside and our oceans and I passionately believe that we need to make massive habit changes. I have made many, however, I am entrenched so deeply in certain habits, I find them hard to break. We have become as a human race, and I totally include myself in this, for the most part quite selfish. I like my shampoo and it only comes in that one-off plastic bottle, thankfully my face cream comes in a glass jar but if it didn’t would I change the habit that was formed at 15 (thanks No 7) ………..

It came crashing into my reality the other day how I still do not consider enough the ways I can easily change without it hurting too much and that in itself hurt because I consider myself pretty aware and pretty good for the most part.

My cousin visited and gave me some lovely small bars of soap. I put one out in the bathroom as I like to have a nice scent when we (and visitors) wash their hands. The next guest into the bathroom commented:
“how lovely to see soap not in a plastic bottle”.
“Thank you” said I with a realisation crashing. I had never considered not using the lovely plastic bottles of soap I so generously make sure are there for all to enjoy! There is an easy alternative (slightly less convenient as they are a little messier) but that is a worthwhile trade.

If we can all do something rather than nothing we will make a huge difference. I am happy to make all the changes that are not a huge sacrifice to me even if I have to make more effort. Please though can I keep my shampoo?