Other Plans at Dreamcatcher Cabins

Other Plans at Dreamcatcher Cabins

As I have said Brian and I are passionate about conservation, our planet, the ocean and wildlife. A percentage of our profits will go to a conservation project and we will keep you updated on this as we go along. The first thing we will concentrate on is our local wildlife. As part of the Dreamcatcher project we have felled some Sikta Spruce trees which are non-native to Scotland. We plan to replace them with wildlife friendly varieties which will support the local birds and animals. We are lucky enough to have a family of red squirrels which visit every day to raid the nut store. We intend to put up squirrel boxes to encourage breeding and bird boxes made by a local charity Green Routes. They work with young adults with additional support needs building skills and planing a route into the world of work. Jean (Greenroutes) and I have met and put together a plan of how we will work together to offer work experience opportunities to these very special young adults. I am very much looking forward to this aspect of the project. Dreamcatcher Cabins will offer horticultural and hospitality work experience. When you come on holiday you will be supporting not just conservation, but young adults with additional support needs into employment. Thank you in advance!

The other project we are working on at present is to be able to deliver fishing days to our holiday makers. You will be accompanied by Ryan Fenwick who is local to the area and he will organise a day on the river for you. Our rivers are beautiful. Ryan will be able to give his wisdom and tell you the tales of the ones that got away! He can also show you a few fantastic photos of the ones that didn’t! Ryan will instruct beginners and those of you with no experience at all, on the art of fly fishing. You can have your “taster day” (we hope literally), without having to buy all of the equipment. We hope you will be bringing back your catch to “sling on the barbie” as they say. Life as we know holds no guarantees but what we can guarantee is a great day out, in beautiful surroundings with peace and quiet to contemplate and learn a new skill. We have a Kingfisher who flies up and down the river and is often spotted as you sit quietly fishing. There were several sightings of otters last year (the fisherman’s friend – not) and a few weeks ago a gentleman reported that he had seen a seal in the pool in the river.

You will be able to book your day with Ryan on our website once we are open for business. Ryan is very much looking forward to meeting you and passing on his passion for fishing in a sustainable way.

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