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New Hedgehog Feeding Station

Dad’s built the local hedgehog’s a brand new feeding station! 

After hours of sawing, screwing, measuring and hammering, he proudly revealed his finished product. 

It’s made from Larch, with an entrance a bit taller than the tallest hedgehog you’ll find (around 10-15 cms). The real genius in the design is in the maze-like structure inside. To stop foxes and cats from getting in and stealing the food, the structure has tight corners which only the hedgehogs are able to maneuver past. 

We filled it with wet cat food and left it overnight. 

Success! On only the second morning, the food had been eaten, and Dad assured me there was hedgehog poo too. Mission accomplished. The hedgehogs now have a new spot where they can get a good meal, without having to compete with any other animals. Nice work B-dog!

Important point: Dad asked me to mention that when feeding hedgehogs, some people may put out milk. However, our spiky little friends are lactose intolerant, and drinking milk can be fatal. So please don’t leave out dishes of milk in your garden (even for the cat) as you might accidentally kill an endangered species! 


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