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My Walk to Work – Cabin Diaries #8

My Walk to Work 

Every morning, my alarm goes off and I look up through the velux window. The trees are green with fresh leaves, and sometimes there’s a bird singing in the branches.

I stand, stretch, and make my bed. I head outside, take a few deep breaths, and once again find myself nude in the wood. I love being nude in the wood.

We’ve set up a home gym next to my cabin, so I do a few kettlebell swings to get my heart pumping. I pull on some clothes (don’t want to shock the neighbours), and sit down on my couch. I set a 20 minute timer, close my eyes, and try to meditate. That’s just concentrating on my breath. When I inevitably find my mind wandering, I remind myself I’m just breathing, and bring my attention back to my nostrils. 

The timer goes off, I open my eyes and brush my teeth. I grab my book and my water bottle, and set off on my walk to work. 

The walk is 100 meters at most, and takes me about a minute.

The path winds softly through native woodland. Over the past week the bluebells have arrived. The trees are always full of birds. There’s an apple tree that’s covered in pink-white blossoms. 

The path finishes at the lawn under the noble fir, and I make my way around the pond. Mum’s usually up already and reading on the deck. I join her for a coffee. 

It’s a nice start to the day. 

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