My favourite time of day ….

It is 8 pm and a stillness and calm has descended in the forest. The birds are all settling down for the night (Derby our parrot too), the squirrels are heading back to their drey – dusk is approaching with its sleepy formula.

In the cabins our guests are switching on their fairy lights, cooking themselves something tasty, lighting the stove and popping the cork on a bottle of wine. Time to sit on the settee and watch the flames dance or sink into a warm bath and welcome nightfall. When dark arrives everyone is relaxed and happy.

Last night there was a lot of noise in the forest after dark. Not the guests – they were beautifully behaved. It was the owls that were incredibly vocal. There was definitely more than one and they were having a Friday night party. In the quiet of the dark forest they are very impressive – a bit eerie even. The sound fills the forest and echos around.

You really are in the midst of nature – it is good for the soul. Have a lovely evening wherever you are. x