Monday mornings are such a pleasure ..

As you probably know when I had my life as a teacher I loved my job but it was extremely hard work and was not without its challenges. I know we get bad press at times “all these holidays” but seldom when asked would the person be willing to swap places with us and do our job. They should have considered it because it was, a privilege.

However, it came with a relentless pace. I left the house at the crack of dawn to commute and there were nights I was coming back in the door well after dinner time was past. Mondays were the start of another high octane week and although I did not dread them at all, I was wistful of the slower pace the weekend had offered.

Now, although Dreamcatchers is a busy business, I have the flexibility to do things at a slower pace and, within reason, the order that suits me best. That is also a privilege that few are afforded.

This morning I have walked through the site and met a lovely couple who are staying with us and enjoying their time here. They are heading off for a walk in the beautiful sunshine and are going to have some food while they are out. We are so lucky that we can just leave our cars and walk and have a great choice of lovely places we can eat – The Black Bull in Gartmore being just one of the many. It has a great menu and you always get such a lovely welcome whether you are a local or an unkent face. There is also a roaring fire which I just love in a pub. The community of Gartmore own the pub so you are supporting the local community also when you go as our guests usually do.

I have now settled down at my computer and have a list of “paperworky things” I have to complete which, to be honest, I have been avoiding for a few days. It is peaceful and calm as the cabins are ready for our guests arriving today. They are in for a treat as the forest is looking beautiful and the Red Squirrels and birds were hopping around enjoying the sunshine when I was checking the cabins.

Dreamcatchers forest is a lovely place to get away from it all – even when it is work that takes you there!