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My poor old laptop (aged 8 and 3/4) is struggling. Even our wonderful repair man Graham at Microcroft (, who has faithfully mended it a few times recently said gently “it is time for a new one, it is rather old now”. I do not want a new one – I can just about find my way around this one, but, the time has come.

So yesterday I spent around 3 hours in a famous department store looking at all the laptops, testing the keyboards (important to us old touch typists) admiring the sleek physiques and shiny screens. I finally decided on one, sighed with relief and went to the counter to be told it was “out of stock” and they did not know when they would have more. “It is a good sign” she told me “shows they are popular”. Great.

On bemoaning my wasted hours to my friend Margaret, in a jiffy, she was back with a message to try another retailer who had them and it was £80 cheaper! Result. By now I was bored and thought – tomorrow, and I will order it online.

I proudly sent a photo of my soon to be new laptop to our family whatsapp group. Jamie came back with “have you talked to Ross about it?” – “no” – and Ross came back with “is your heart set on that one mum” – “no, why?” “because really the only good thing about it is it looks nice!”. Great! I thought that was important on my desk that it looked good! Obviously not!

So now Ross has a title too “Director of IT”. I had my instructions sent to me ready to just click the order button, it has a faster/bigger (one or the other) processor and it seems to be a very nifty model. I am grateful that I have avoided another pitfall in the world of technology.

On a different note. Single Nights.

Many people have been asking about single nights in the cabins which we do not normally do as you know. We do have a couple of single nights available

3rd and 8th July in the Fox’s Den
5th July in the Red Squirrel’s Dray

if anyone is local and fancies a single night send me a message and I will organise the booking manually as the website will not allow you to.

Over and out from Dreamcatcher Cabins HQ. 😀