Making the best of a bad lot ….

Today we cancelled yet another honeymoon.

It is so sad for young couples who have planned to get married this year.

This particular young couple had changed their wedding twice before and had given up and decided to have a baby instead! Lovely news after so many disappointments. We wish them well. They can come for a babymoon (yes, there is such a thing) instead of a honeymoon hopefully at some point.

We have been very lazy at Dreamcatchers the last few weeks. We have done very little. However one great thing that has happened is Brian got the new sign up which was very exciting indeed. The trunk of tree is one of our own trees that came down in the forest and our lovely local farmer came in his tractor and brought it down to the road for us. There was great excitement with an excavator and Brian dangling from a ladder with no concern for my Health and Safety warnings. Finally we had the lovely sign that Will created in its proper place.

Below the sign we are hoping to grow wildflowers. Hoping is the correct term. We have spent a lot of money on seeds previously (especially mixed for the soil and shade) that have not grown. Fingers crossed this time we manage to have a lovely display. Invaluable to the insects also.

As always, stay safe.