Life toodles on at Dreamcatcher Cabins

Life at Dreamcatcher Cabins

Another beautiful day here at the cabins. What have I done this morning? Very little and I have had a lovely time doing it!

I got up full of energy with big plans for the day. The house was “upside down” as I like to say which means untidy. Dishes lying from dinner last night, washing from yesterday, shoes lying everywhere – I am sure many of you can relate to this. Why do we not have perfect houses (those of us who are not working) when we have so little going on?

It started well, Ross and I were busy in the kitchen, dishes were being attacked, washing dealt with, the fridge spillage cleaned to within an inch of its life when the sun came out.

We opened the doors and let the breeze float through the house and before we knew it we had all dispersed (me included).

Ross was on the decking with a coffee and his book, Jamie was in the swinging chair with his book, Brian was digging in the garden and me – I had noticed that the damselflies were mating. I was soon perched on a stone taking photographs. Even Derby had flown from his perch and was chatting to us from a tree in the garden.

I was feeling a little irritated that I had lost momentum and then I reflected on the saying which I love to quote “which is more distressing a house uncleaned or a life unlived?”.

The answer is obvious. After I finish talking to you I am going to wander off through the cabins and see what other wonders of nature I can find to take photos of.

Will anyone even notice that I have just thrown all the shoes behind the couch where they will remain until someone is looking for them? I doubt it, whereas I will be getting pleasure out of my photos for years to come!

That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Go and enjoy this beautiful day and stay safe while you are doing it. x