Life is changing again at Dreamcatchers ..

For the last few days Dreamcatcher Cabins have been closed – it is the first time since last January. Why? We have been on holiday in Prague!

We decided to take a few days out and spend some time together away from the cabins. All discussion about Dreamcatchers was banned. We walked around the old town, went to the castle, had lovely food and the odd glass of wine too! It is a beautiful city.

Life is about to change dramatically again for us here at Dreamcatchers. Ross and Jamie are both heading for South America shortly, Jamie to Rio to practise his martial arts and Ross to hike in the Andes. Where did I get such adventurous children?

This is going to have a huge impact on my social life as Ross is “the main man” when it comes to running Dreamcatchers – I float in and out. The floating will have to stop! Jamie will continue to manage the marketing remotely and Ross will do some of the enquiries etc when he is in the land of the internet. I will need to get back into work mode!

We are now back to reality and awaiting our weekend guests. If you pop over to Instagram you will see the beautiful day it is here in the Trossachs. The sunshine was sparkling through the trees at the cabins as we did our final checks this afternoon. Our guests have started to arrive and they are in for a treat.