Life continues in the woods..

Brian has retreated to the woods in these times of social distancing. We had no guests in today or yesterday and he was as happy as Larry starting new paths, moving boulders where the car park is to be extended, chopping, carrying, measuring, pondering and just generally enjoying being in another world. Meanwhile, I was not as relaxed indoors as I listened to news bulletins, checked cleaning supplies and looked for any new virus protocols.

During the last build, I kept everyone cheerful by baking every day. I do not think I have baked since so today I got the flour and eggs out and made some very well received pancakes.

As I wandered back through the forest I heard a lot of noise overhead. I stopped and watched 2 pairs of swans fly over the cabins calling to each other as they went. It was such a beautiful few moments. It struck me again that this is exactly what the cabins offer. Escape, time to stop, connection with nature and an opportunity just to behave differently to how you do at home.

I think, as the weeks go on, this will be more important to you than ever before. Stay safe.