Lest we forget ..

I stopped, as I am sure many of you did, at 11 am to observe a 2 minutes silence to remember those who gave up their lives for us.

Having a dad who fought in WW11 it is a subject close to my heart. We honour the dead and that is absolutely correct but my goodness the soldiers who return from all conflict have suffered too. Dad would say if you asked him about the war “it’s best not talked about and forgotten”. That was his code I think for I cannot cope with remembering, as he wore his poppy with pride and drummed into me about the sacrifices that were made for us to be free. He sacrificed many years of his young life although he did not pay the ultimate price. Many, many young people do. I feel a huge gratitude to them.

Gratitude for what we have today I believe is a huge part of the recipe for success and happiness. When we sit round the dinner table here at Dreamcatchers often we all remember the things we are grateful for that day. Particularly on a day where you feel things have not gone well, it reminds us that there are so many things that go right in our lives on a daily basis. Even in the middle of a pandemic! If you have never tried an exercise like this why not try it tonight? Feels weird the first time but it is a really nice thing to do.

Today I am feeling grateful for the sacrifices made for me.

Lest we forget.