Just when I said ….. “without a hiccup”………………..


I should have known not to say it. It was, a tempting fate kind of a thing to say. It was no sooner out my mouth, or rather on to the post, when Will (Little Hut Company) came round the corner of the house a funny shade of yellow announcing calmly “I have just cut the top off my finger on the circular saw”. Mrs Lee (Will’s mum) before you also pass out, it is all under control and Will is fine, lest you read this before speaking to him. I know you are on holiday!

Everyone jumped into action. Chris and Ryan were dispatched to get the first aid kit from the site and to look for the finger, I went to the fridge and got out the ice and a plastic bag to put it in, Brian sat with Will and looked after him, (I pass out with the sight of blood and there was too much going on for any of that nonsense) and Kimber looked on in a very anxious fashion!

In the interests of the squeamish I will spare the detail. Will is fine. His finger will be fine and he is “only taking the rest of the day off”. I will argue that one tomorrow!

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