Just to clarify ..

We do not intend to close Dreamcatcher Cabins unless we are advised to do so. You can come here and not see anyone at all. You can be isolated and we feel it is important, in the coming weeks, you have somewhere you can get away, have a break, be safe and not endanger anyone else either.

We are taking every precaution – we are using gloves, disinfecting every surface, washing our hands between cabins, washing the bedding at higher temperatures, leaving disinfectant in the cabin for you to use, individual soap etc.

I have had a few people asking about our cancellation policy should you fall ill just before you come.

Our usual cancellation policy is as follows:

Up to 2 weeks before arrival date – Full Refund
Less than 2 weeks before arrival date – 50 % Refund
Less than 1 week before arrival date – 0% Refund

We plan to make the following changes for all of our clients.

If you become ill or one of your family does, instead of losing any of your money, we will rearrange your booking for another time of your choosing. If you have a doctor’s certificate we will refund all your money.

It is very strange times we are living in and we all need to take care.