It’s raining

The power of rain ..

We have enjoyed a spell of beautiful weather. The sun has been baking and it has been so lovely to be outdoors. Our guests have seen our landscapes bathed in sunshine. Dreamcatchers is in one of the most beautiful areas in Scotland – Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.

A few days ago a friend called me and asked if I had noticed that one of our trees at the front of the house was not looking too good. Aghhhhh. It is in a tub. Brian is away on holiday and I indeed had not noticed that the tree in front of the house was looking a bit wilted. I raced out with the hose to give it a drink and I hopefully have averted a disaster.

All over Europe, the temperatures have been high and fires have been breaking out and causing dreadful damage. Dry ground can be so dangerous. Our wildlife and not-so wildlife struggles to survive too.

So last night, when the rain was coming down like a tropical storm, I was not too disappointed (although I felt really sorry for the people at the Rewind Music Festival in Perth). I sat with a friend and watched as the ground became wet and the plants and the trees sucked up all the moisture. There was a new freshness to the air. It was a different Saturday night activity!

I thought about our guests in the cabins sitting watching the rain under the outside covered area, with the fairy lights on and the fire blazing. It is very special in the cabins when the rain is torrential. It’s almost mesmerising.

The rain is still pelting down. Maybe, just maybe, the ground is now wet enough and we can get back to the summer sunshine for a little while longer?

Nature however has been delighted to have the rain visit and I am going to make more of an effort to welcome it too. It is a powerful force in creating and maintaining the beauty we have all around us and in the Trossachs we have more than our fair share.