It’s a rainy Friday ..

As I was doing my final checks in the forest the rain started to patter. I love the cabins in the rain. The fire on, the rain dancing on the roof, a bath running, the kettle on for a cup of tea – bliss. The only little hitch in my plan was that the cabins are ready and waiting for our guests to arrive. Not sure I would be welcome in their bath!

I hope our guests have a relaxing weekend in our cabins. We are so grateful to everyone who comes to stay with us and to all of you too. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. x

“Perfect is the most appropriate word.

No TV, no phone ringing, just the peace and tranquility of nature and the only night sounds are of those who inhabit the forest. The hoot of the Tawny owls and screech of the Jays and all their other friends who pose no threat, they are just sharing their space with you.

The cabins are incredible, so much thought and love put into their creation. If you were ever a Scout or Girl Guide you will be in heaven. The bath is a magical place to relax and watch the fairy lights twinkle. The log burner creates a cosy nest to enjoy a glass or two of wine, beat your partner at scrabble.

The whole experience is so relaxing you may never want to leave….. Dream Team, Thank you!”