It is not often I find myself with nothing to say …

Usually I have difficulty keeping my chat to a reasonable length. I have so much to tell you and you do not have enough time to read it!

For the last few days I have sat at my computer and thought – does anyone want to hear that we painted the kitchen today, that I have a beautiful vase of daffodils that are brightening up the room, that Brian has been up in the cabins doing I know not what (I suspect getting some peace and quiet in front of a blazing fire with the rain pattering on the roof watching the squirrels)?

I think we are all totally fed up with the way lockdown is restricting our lives. However, yet again I have to remind myself how lucky we are to all be well and to have a business that will survive and bounce right back when lockdown is over – many people are not in our fortunate position.

So, instead of telling you what is going on in Dreamcatchers (nothing at all), I am sitting here counting my blessings and hope that you are in a fortunate position too. I know so many people are not and our thoughts are with you every day.

Many of you are spending your time making plans and we are grateful for all the bookings we are receiving. We are of course totally flexible and will refund or rearrange if COVID should still be a problem at the time of your booking.

Stay safe. x 🙏