It is a busy month ..

It has been a busy December. We do not have quite as many guests as usual so in the days we have an empty cabin we are painting. We do this every year but we are a wee bit ahead of schedule this year which is great.

The cabins are all decorated. We got our wreaths from our local charity Geen Routes and they are lovely. The trees are up and the cabins are looking very festive.

In the really severe cold we had a burst pipe in one of the cabins. It caused less damage than it could have done but was very inconvenient. Lucky it was under the cabins not in them. Brian and Ryan have been busy putting more insulation on the pipes. Obviously the insulation we had on them which was meant to go to -40 was not quite as effective as we hoped. We are now we are ready for any big drop in temperature – fingers crossed.

We are full over New Year and have guests at Christmas. We are very excited at how close we are now to Christmas – 8 days to go. It is amazing. I say every year I cannot believe how quickly it has come upon us but this Christmas once again it has pounced out of nowhere.