At our Dreamcatcher meeting this month Jamie gently reminded me that I had not been doing any Instagram posts. It had totally, for some unexplained reason (probably because Ross has done most of my thinking and work in the last few weeks), fallen off my radar. I am back on it! Pop over to Instagram if you want to see some more photos of the cabins and get a regular glimpse of what is going on in Dreamcatcher Cabins. I will try to keep them short, once I get started I sometimes forget to stop. Sorry. Thank you to our Marketing Manager for the reminder.

We have had quite a few vouchers purchased for Christmas presents. I am so impressed that you are “on” the Christmas shopping already. I am still stunned that it is November. Where has the year gone?

Our Christmas and New Year plans have changed and as a consequence, the cabins are now open over the festivities if you fancy a break away from everything. I had a really amusing comment from one lady who had suggested she would like to come alone over Christmas and had received “the look” from her family. I know that “look”. I can totally understand, with the pressures everyone faces today, why an escape to the forest in the peace and quiet with a fire, a hot bath and some marshmallows sounds bliss!

The bookings are trickling in for next summer. If you have a special occasion please book ahead. A couple of times and this is not me being sexist, I have had husbands/boyfriends on the phone in a total panic because they have promised to book and forgotten…….I know that would never be you!😉