I’m Home ..

I have returned home to Dreamcatchers and it is great to be home.

I was lucky enough to be in France with incredible people and had a really fantastic time. The skies were blue and the sun shone in the mountains. I felt very grateful indeed to have the opportunity – thank you to everyone I met who made the trip very special.

On my arrival home, I felt very grateful all over again. Dreamcatchers is set in the most beautiful countryside with rivers and hills all around. The wee lambs are playing in the fields and as this is Friday we have new guests arriving to spend a quiet and relaxing weekend with us.

I was fortunate to meet one of our guests last night who had tried cold water swimming for the first time. They had gone to our “secret pool” (below) which is in our folder in the cabin but did not feel comfortable there (there are plants and it is very natural if you are not used to swimming outdoors in the countryside).

They had headed up to Loch Ard and although it was cold they were surprised at how much they loved it. They were still feeling exhilarated when I met them hours later sitting in front of the wood-burning stove reading their books. They had had a great time at Dreamcatchers – I was really glad.

I hope whatever you are all doing this weekend you have a wonderful time.