If we say just a little …

The video of George Floyd made me sick to the pit of my stomach.

The story a “young 6′ 3″ black man” told about always taking his young daughter and fluffy dog with him when he went out in his neighbourhood because otherwise someone may call the police made me sick to the pit of my stomach.

Me being sick to the pit of my stomach changes nothing.

Rosa Parks stood up against giving a white man a seat in the bus. The black community then did not use that bus company to further their cause. The change that one peaceful action, by a brave young woman, had huge ramifications for the civil rights movement. However, she was fired from her job as a seamstress and received death threats for years afterward. It came at great cost to her personally.

What does this have to do with Dreamcatchers? All that happened in America. You are right it did. We have many such lovely American friends who would totally agree with my sentiments – how could you not? But it goes on here too.

It is time for us all to be vigilant. It is not enough just to disagree with things you see happening around you and just stay silent. I understand why it is easier. Speaking out (especially if it is our friends or community who are listening) feels difficult and uncomfortable. It may be racism, bullying, sexism – any kind of unfair treatment really.

Businesses too stay silent because they do not want to offend anyone and lose profits. I thought twice if I am totally honest.

However, in future as well as trying to support local business, business that protects the environment and small family businesses we will be checking to see they also have a moral compass when purchasing the things we need.

We support a lot of charity as you know. The charities are usually ones close to our hearts for example prostate cancer, Erskine Hospital, young people’s mental health charities, Teenage Cancer Trust, guide dog charities, Cancer Research, NHS. We will be thinking about supporting equality also in the future.

It is not a large percentage of our profits which go to charity, in fact it is a very small percentage. If every business just did a little bit what a difference that could make. Nike made a very public stand this week. Good for them – more businesses need to do that too.

It is too easy to think that your little bit does not matter. It does. If you hear about someone being treated unfairly it is not enough to silently agree. We can disagree respectfully but it is time for everyone just to say a little. If we all do just a little what a powerful force we will become.

Stay safe.