I met another lovely guest last night ..

As we do not “meet and greet” guests often people come and go without us ever meeting them so I always enjoy if I should bump into a guest getting wood, or if they need something dropped off to the cabin.

The guest last night was delighted to have seen Red Squirrels playing in the forest. Of course, we cannot guarantee you will see them, but there is a really great chance you will. We are awaiting the babies arrival – always a wonderful time of year.

We have a garden pond and a pair of ducks have been visiting every day. They swoop in during the evening and spend the night but today they have been here most of the day. Ducks are getting ready to nest and I am so hoping they may choose to nest with us.

You may remember we have swallows who nest in the garage every year where one of our cats sleeps and I spend an anxious time when their babies are learning to fly hoping they do not come to a drastic end. I hope this year, I will be worrying about ducklings too! I can tell by their behaviour (if you get my drift) that they are thinking of nesting and having babies. It would be fantastic if they decided to make their home beside Dreamcatchers.

If you love to be in nature Dreamcatchers is a wonderful place to observe animals and birds going about their daily lives. It always soothes my soul. It does not matter what is going on in your life the animals and plants just keep doing their thing. It is a beautiful thing to observe.