How are we doing with our ethos?

As you know we are passionate about being as eco-friendly as we can.

Our cabins are well insulated and we are using propane gas in our heating system as it is termed as a “green gas”. The boiler needs electricity to power up and we are creating this from our solar panels. This is an area we are still working on. We are struggling to get the solar gain we need and at times we are having to charge the batteries from electricity, so that is work in progress I’d say.

When I purchase anything I try to do it locally. Our cushions are from a local artist who screen prints and then makes it into material – we have place mats and coasters to match she has produced. Our soap is from a small local soap company – still looking for a local supplier for bath bombs but the ones we have are still produced in Scotland. Our laundry is sent out to a local small business.

I buy everything we use daily from our local shop. Gartmore Shop is a community owned shop which is a vital part of our community. It serves us very well and is important especially to our older residents. I would urge our visitors to use our shop too.

Our rugs are recycled wool from Edinburgh, our timber is felled and chopped locally and is sustainable. All the wood cladding on our cabins was wood from our forest and therefore had no road miles. Our cleaning products are eco-friendly and our composting toilets are working a treat.

Recycling – don’t mention the bins!

Overall we are pleased with our progress. If we can all just do a little bit to help our planet that would be amazing.