Hedgehog road deaths in UK ‘as high as 335,000’

We love hedgehogs at Dreamcatcher’s. So much so we named a cabin after them. A headline like this always pulls on the heartstrings. 

Hedgehog numbers are in free fall. Their numbers have dropped from 30 million to 1 million since the 1950’s, with road deaths, loss of habitat and competition causing the decline. 

Efforts have been made to reduce road deaths, including tunnels under roads and speed bumps, but the most effective way to protect hedgehogs is by adjusting our driving behaviour. 

We can give the hedgehogs some much needed help by feeding them, giving them a place to live over the winter, and by being vigilant while behind the wheel. 

It’s important to remember just how much damage humans are doing to wildlife on a daily basis, and we should all do a little bit to help out. 


Photo taken from BBC article.