Hedgehog Hideaway

As you may know Hedgehog Hideaway should have been ready by now. It of course went on “hold” while we waiting for Nicola to say we could start to build again.

Phase one allows outdoor construction, so we plan to go ahead and build the cabin starting mid-June.

Yesterday there was a flurry of activity around Dreamcatcher Cabins. I think the realisation that things could start to happen again got us moving.

Brian was up at Hedgehog exposing natural stone around it for a seating area and working on the base. The tree is felled for the wood but we will need to have it planked which we are hoping will happen soon. As with the other cabins, our wood will have no road miles. It is very satisfying to be able to use our own materials and good for the plant.

Although we have felled a tree for the build we have planted in the last few weeks around 400 young native species into the woodland. Our plan is to thin out the non-native species and develop a more native woodland. That will take time.

I have started to think about the interior. I realised we are almost in June and I actually need to get organised and start ordering things. I do not want the project to be held up by me!

Ross was busy yesterday sanding the sign at the entrance. It is looking much better. Brian is going to make a sign for the road and we have a huge bit of tree to set it into.

Today Brian is going to carry on with the path construction up to the cabin. It is lovely to be able to take things at a much slower pace than normal. Not sure what Jamie and Ross have planned.

Me, I think after I water my newly planted veg patch, I may just have to take a wee seat in the sun and contemplate my next move!

Stay safe. x