Dreamcatcher Blog

Has anyone else felt it?

Early this week, we were treated with the first few rays of warm sunshine. For the first time in months we had lunch outside. 

Walking through the garden, the early signs are everywhere. The snowdrops are popping their delicate white heads through the grass. The buds on the magnolia are getting ready to burst with life. 

Spring is just around the corner. We’re finally emerging from the most challenging winter in many of our lifetimes. The Dream Team couldn’t be more ready for the warmer months ahead. 

Willis has been helping to sow seeds in the green house. This year we’re looking forward to all sorts of delicious fruits and veggies. Last year, we loved the curly kale, chard, peas, raspberries and leeks, so we’ll be planting plenty again this year. 

I’ve also requested some basil and rosemary – two of my favourites to cook with – be added to the herb area. 

If anyone has any recommendations for crops to add to our patch this year, please let us know. We’d love to hear your ideas. 

The cabins are still scheduled to be shut until the 26th of April, but we heard a hint that may be accelerated if cases continue to drop. But we’re not holding our breath. 

It’s hard not to hope we’re past the worst of the pandemic. With Spring just weeks away, let’s tentatively look forward to a brighter few months. 

Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend.