Happy Weekend .

Another busy Friday with 4 cabins coming in today.

There was the usual buzz in the forest with cabins being cleaned, washing being put on, wood being delivered, the wood store being filled, toilets being done, gas being replaced and checked, a tap being repaired, a heater being reset .. the usual Friday routine.

In amongst all this, we had 2 little Red Squirrels running around also full of business. They also had an agenda. There were nuts to gather, nuts to eat, nuts to find – it was lovely to watch. Although they are not in the least tame they are not terrified of us either so there seems to be a kind of mutual respect – from a distance.

I hope, if you are not making your way to Dreamcatchers, you have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing. I am very excited to be attending my niece’s graduation tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing her rewarded for all the hard work she has put in.

Have a lovely weekend.