Hanging on to Nicola’s every word …..

Today, I planned my day around being in front of the television for Nicola’s route map to getting out of lockdown and what it means for Dreamcatcher Cabins.

We will, according to what I understand at present, be in Phase 3 of the return to normality. There seem to be no dates at present for this. However, our schools are to reopen during August (11th), so I would guess and I stress guess, that somewhere about mid-July we should be able to reopen? I would be really keen to hear from anyone who is interpreting this differently.

We are totally confident that we can provide safe accommodation for our guests.

You do not need to see anyone at all in the cabins. There are no social distancing problems.

We had, from the beginning, had a plan in place for additional cleaning and safety in the cabins (eg washing bedding at higher temperatures, disinfecting all surfaces, having doors, blinds and windows open between guests, disposable gloves for each cabin, etc).

We are so looking forward to opening our doors again very soon. We look forward to you being able now to book with a certain confidence that if it is towards the end of July or later, you will be sure of your little bit of disconnection from what has been, a very unsure and stressful world.

Stay safe. x