Many of our guests are cyclists ..

I really love to get on my bike and head into the forest. We have such great cycling straight from the cabins.

Gravelfoyle www.gravelfoyle.com is a project in our area that encourages cycling.

“Gravel riding is a new form of cycling that is growing across the world. The discipline combines the off-road element of mountain biking with road cycling to deliver an experience accessible for a wide variety of cycling abilities. Riders follow forest roads, gravel tracks and cycle paths all of a non-technical nature”.

New routes are popping up in the forest around Loch Ard. The scenery is amazing and the routes easy to navigate. You can hire bikes in Aberfoyle from the Aberfoyle Bike Shop.

When you arrive back at the cabins run the bath and soak away your aches, before lighting the fire and relaxing on the sofa. If you are lucky the Red Squirrels will come out to play and say hello.

As the sun goes down the forest comes to life and the silence is punctuated with the owl hooting or a hedgehog snuffling around looking for bugs.

We are so lucky at Dreamcatchers to be surrounded by beauty and nature. We hope we can have you stay soon.