Goodbye Ross and Jamie

It is all change here again at Dreamcatcher Cabins.

Ross took to the skies yesterday on his way to South America. He will blog for us from time to time on the things he sees that relate to Dreamcatcher Cabins. I am looking forward to that and I hope you will enjoy them too. He has arrived safely and is getting the lie of the land as we speak.

Jamie goes tomorrow and he will be in Rio for a few weeks and then who knows where. He is going to spend some time improving his martial arts. They are planning to meet up somewhere in South America in January – who knows we may just surprise them by jumping out of the undergrowth!

We all wish them fun times and above all safe travels.

We will miss them dreadfully for all the fun and the laughs but also for their help and expertise around the cabins. They will both still be doing some of the work remotely but it will be me on the ground running now instead of Ross. Brian has still not fully retired so he still goes out to do his gardens. All change again at Dreamcatcher Cabins.