Good Morning

Good morning everyone ..

Dreamcatcher Cabins closed a couple of days back until the Government says we can open again. We are of course now not allowed to go out. That will be difficult for so many people. I know how lucky we are at Dreamcatchers to be in the countryside.

I intend to keep chatting with you. I hope we can keep each other cheerful.

If you have any questions about bookings could I ask you please use the email:


We have so many ways people can contact us that it is very hard to make sure we do not miss anyone. Emails allow us to be systematic and I still do love a system!

I know you will all be following the government’s advice to stay at home. We all need to stay well and save lives. Together we can come out the other side and every situation comes with good things too. That is what I will be focussing on in the blogs to come. More than ever we need something lovely to look forward to and a break at Dreamcatchers will be just the ticket!

Thank you to all of you who are out doing vital jobs. We at Dreamcatchers appreciate that very much indeed and we will be playing our part wherever we can and doing everything that is asked of us.

Stay safe and it will not be long before we open our doors again and welcome you in for your get away from it all romantic stay in the woods.

Fiona, Brian, Jamie and Ross x