Getting ready to welcome you back (26th April)

Now we know we can open again on 26th April we are starting to take stock and try to get ourselves back into a semi-work mode.

Brian has started giving the surfaces in the cabins a lick of preservative now the weather is heating up and it will dry. I am starting to get a rota together for changeovers so we can all plan ahead and know what we are doing.

Emily, a valued member of our Dream Team has moved to take up a position in Edinburgh so we will miss her when we reopen. We always had great chats about so many different things and then we would remember – actually we are meant to be working and race off in different directions to get the “to-do list” completed!

I have had nowhere to “race off to” for such a long time now.

It will be lovely to catch up with Christine who has been painting lots during the lockdown. We have not been altogether for such a long time. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again – and our lovely guests too! The forest has been so quiet without you all.

The crocus are out and the daffodils nearly are. I am so sorry you cannot share it with us but soon you will.

As always, stay safe – we are nearly there.