Friend or Foe?

Do you have a friend that you care about deeply but drives you mad in equal measures? Today, for me, that is our “little green bird” Darby.

Before our guests arrive I go round the cabins one last time to make sure everything is just as it should be. Our animals are not allowed in the forest so I put our little dog in the house so she cannot follow me and I sneak up through the garden so Darby does not notice where I am going. It’s like a stealth mission and usually, I can give the SAS a run for their money!

Today my stealth mission failed and as I approached the cabins I could hear the dulcet tones of Darby shouting “hiya, hiya” (in case I did not hear him the first time), “I’m such a good boy” (he learned that from Brian) and “what are you doing”? (he learned that from me constantly saying it to him when he is up to mischief). It is amazing how he uses appropriate language in so many situations. He never arrives down to see us without saying hello and if it is first thing in the day he will use “good morning”, if we run the tap he will say “drink of water?”, if you are busy he will ask “what are you doing?” – it is no coincidence. He is really intelligent – they say on a par with a 2/3-year-old child. The downside – it is like having a toddler for 30 years!

Checks done, I scooped him up and we headed for home. I then had the luxury of time to look at the beauty of the forest, the colours that are changing in the trees and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine. I even had time to enjoy Darby’s chat as we made our way back along the fairy-lit path. By the time I was passing the last cabin I was wishing we had a cabin free tonight. I would have got my book, run a bath and just stayed in the forest and enjoyed watching the little Red Squirrel that was running around.

The forest is really a very special place to be. We are so pleased we can share the experience with you.