Friday comes around so quickly ..

Another busy Friday with 4 cabins coming in today and one tomorrow. The weather looks quite settled today so I am hoping it is nice for the weekend.

However, even in the rain, it is lovely. Sitting at the fire watching the birds with the noise of the rain on the roof is very therapeutic.

The ducks returned – the second male did not come back with them so not sure what happened after they all flew off in pursuit of each other.

I am wondering why they have not built a nest and laid some eggs. I have asked them but they were reluctant to comment. I think they may be too busy tapping on our kitchen door for more food to worry about things like nest building!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. We have some gaps in our midweek bookings over the next couple of weeks if anyone has some time and fancies a wee break away – we would love to have you.

Enjoy your weekend.