Franchising News …

As you will know if you follow our blog we have been talking about franchising Dreamcatcher Cabins.

We are incredibly grateful not to be able to keep up with the demand for bookings and so the idea developed. Ideas in this house are a little like a runaway train. They gather speed and before I know where I am I am once again shouting “hold on hold on, remember I am retired!“.

We have been chatting to a lovely family who are interested in being our first franchisee, but we are, of course at the very early stages.

If this is something you think you would be interested in Jamie has today created a page on this website (https://dreamcatcherscabins.co.uk/join-the-family/). There is a downloadable brochure there that gives you the initial details of our thoughts around the project.

We will be incredibly careful who we accept as a franchisee. Dreamcatchers feels like one of our family and you do not give your child away lightly!😂. It is however an incredible opportunity for somebody – and for us.