Finally some photos of Hedgehog…

At long last, we’ve put some photos of the newest cabin – Hedgehog’s Hideaway – up on our website. 

With bookings, COVID, and general business getting in the way, we’ve not had a chance to do a full photoshoot. I decided to take my camera on a changeover day, snap a few shots and put them online, so our guests at least have an idea of what they’re booking!

Hedgehog is our newest cabin, which opened earlier in the year. It’s almost identical to the other four, but has a few added upgrades to make the experience a little more special. 

Dad installed a sink so that guests are able to wash dishes more easily. To make up for the lost workspace, he also added an extending hydraulic arm, which folds up and down – very handy. And in the ensuite, he’s modified the composting toilet to make the inner pipe far broader, therefore much cleaner. 

As the saying goes “if you’re not growing, you’re dying”, so it’s great to see the cabins improving and changing – adapting to the needs of our guests. Now that we know the sink, folding arm and toilet work well, we’ll install them in the other four.

If you’re interested in booking Hedgehog Hideaway, the next availability we have is this Sunday the 15th of November. 

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