Facebook gets started

Today is another iconic day! Never having been part of social media it was a terrifying thought to learn. With help from various sources, Crunchy Carrots (media), Jamie and Ross (sons), I now have a personal Facebook page and a business one – Dreamcatcher Cabins. Today I plucked up the courage to go on and ask for friends. Well, that was not as straightforward as you may think you seasoned social media people. Do you ask your nieces and nephews or is that a weird aunt thing to do? Do you ask your children or is that a weird mum thing to do? Really who do I ask?  I am so lacking in this department when my cousin said that we would chat on messenger I told her I did not think I had that! Cringe.
Do not think for one minute however I have not prepared for this social media exploit – I have. So much so I have taken a Facebook course. I can tell you all about scheduling posts, Facebook settings, SEOs, campaign levels, setting levels, ad targeting, traffic ads, conversion ads, lead generation, power editing, placement, AB split testing ……. need I continue? However nowhere did it tell me how to reply to a post, if you will all see into my private Facebook page, how to avoid being a Facebook weird person or if it is impolite to do things like ask you “like” Dreamcatcher’s page. So much to learn and so little time! Now I am going to sit back and wait to see what happens!

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