Exercise and chat

The importance of exercise …..

I have always enjoyed being part of an all-male household (apart from me and Pan, one of our cats, of course). There is always laughter and fun to be had, rolling around and high jinks. At least twice a week I would go and catch up with my lovely girlfriends and we would chat about girl things, work, holidays we are planning – all the usual chat that keeps you connected to each other. I am starting to realise how important this was to me and how I took it a bit for granted.

Although it is important I do not catch this virus I have been out to exercise. I want to be in the best shape to overcome it if I should catch it. Exercise is very important to the male members of our household. In the forest at present are dumbells, weights and all sorts of things not generally found in a forest.

I do an hour of cycling every day along the cycle track (Route 7 runs past Dreamcatchers door and it is beautiful). I love to watch the wildlife, stop and watch the sun glinting off the river, listen to the birds in the trees, marvel at the sun on the hills in the background, take photos – generally enjoy my time out the house – oh and I get some exercise too.

When I come home the men in the house want to know:
“how far did you cycle?”, my response:
“well I do not know between 5 and 8 miles maybe?

“Well was it closer to 5 or 8 because that is quite a difference?”
“mmmmmm I am not sure, nearly to Buchlyvie so definitely at least 5”

“How fast did you cycle?”
“mmmmm, well I am not sure, but I did see a heron and the 2 male pheasants were absolutely beautiful”

My answers seem to disappoint somewhat.

This morning I was sent out with the new app that is all the rage in our household called Strava. It tells me where I went (I actually am not quite that old yet and can remember where I go for the most part), how fast I went and the distance I travelled.

I am so delighted to now be able to report when asked, that I travelled 7.31 miles, it took me 53 mins and 52 seconds and my elevation gain was 180 ft. Stava tells me that is “awesome work” so dare the athletes in the house tell me any different.

I know there will be great delight that I can now report exact times and distances. I think it is a man thing?

Do I feel good about this? NO! I was so busy worrying about how far and how long I have no idea if the sun was glinting on the river, if the heron was in its usual fishing spot and if the pheasants were at the pig sheds eating the stray bits of feed.

I could barely look up at the 3 ducks that flew over as I am not that good on a bike when there are potholes in the track – I wobble! No photos were taken for my Instagram story and the whole thing was totally unsatisfactory!

Strava has gone from my phone and tomorrow, when I am out cycling my 7.3 miles at 7 mph I will be toodling along, looking out for the local wildlife, stopping to admire various things and everyone will be happy!

I am now away to organise an emergency zoom meeting with my girlfriends to catch up on the important things in life like where we will all go for dinner when we are finally allowed out.