Exciting things are happening at Dreamcatchers …


Tomorrow our work placements start. I am very much looking forward to that. I am hoping we can roll out the placements into schools and have small groups of young people to look at the business side of things – it’s the teacher in me! As many of you know I spent many years as a business teacher. There are days, much as I love my new life, I miss the classroom. Hopefully, we can all gain something from it.

A review we got┬álast week said “it was a life changing experience”. That was something I did not expect when we started this journey. To have a tiny part in someone having an experience like that is so unexpected and wonderful.

I got a text this weekend saying that her boyfriend had just proposed and she had accepted. He said it was such a romantic place. Again, to be part of such a special and intimate moment – amazing.

Dreamcatcher Cabins, Gartmore. Badger's Sett.
Dreamcatcher Cabins, Gartmore. Badger’s Sett.

I think I am getting the hang of Instagram!

I have put on a few “stories” which have not all gone according to plan. My niece Ruth says she drops whatever she is doing to watch. I know this is because she has had a few great laughs like the day I thought I had stopped recording live but I hadn’t, and the day I did not know how to stop the live recording and was oh’ing and oooowwing like someone who had totally lost it!

However folks, I am sorry, but I am hopeful you have now missed all these very amusing for you and mortifying for me events. I have loaded on some photos and this may be a good time for you to join us on Instagram if you have not already. We would really appreciate your company. Thank you.