Everyone has a book in them

Published by Ross Patterson  · June 2  · 

“Everyone has a book in them” or at least that’s how the saying goes.

One of Mum’s life goals has always been to write a book. She’s been working on one about bringing up children for a few years now. After decades teaching and bringing up two boys, I bet she has a trick or two to share with the world.

On the run up to Christmas last year, Jamie started a new project. He decided to compile all of Mum’s Dreamcatcher blog posts creating: “Dreamcatcher Cabins: A Little Book of Dreams”. Unknowingly, through the Dreamcatcher blog, Mum had been working her way towards writing her book.

On Christmas morning, she opened the first edition, and I think by the tears in her eyes she liked it. Mum reads constantly, which I think makes her a great writer. With so many novels under her belt, she’s developed a natural ability to tell a story. Coupled with daily practice, she’s managed to build the Dreamcatcher blog into a huge success. We now have 10,000’s of followers over multiple platforms and have engagement rates apparently better than National Geographic.

Stories are a large part of what makes us human. They help us to work together and make sense of the world. We think that’s why our social media has been so successful – Mum has honestly and openly told the story of Dreamcatcher Cabins – giving something for our followers to engage with.

I hope one day we see Mum’s second book published – on raising children. I’d love a handbook for when I start a family. But don’t worry Mum, there’s NO RUSH on that front. For now she should be proud of her achievement. Mum wrote “Dreamcatcher Cabins: A Little Book of Dreams”, and can honestly say she’s a published author.

Well done, Mum. (P.s. It’s available to buy on our website gift shop if anyone would like a copy.)