Eat chocolate, drink wine and order a curry ….

Today has not been a good pandemic day. Like many people over the festivities I ate too much and the figure on the scales is just a little scary.

On Wednesday I loaded up “My fitness Pal” again and got started taking myself to task. I put in my weight, got the calorie count and began the road back to an acceptable healthy weight.

I have done well for 4 days but today I am really struggling. It is damp outside, the skies are grey and I have been totally demotivated. My bike is still sitting ready in the garage awaiting the trip out I promised it.

It is a measure of how bored I am today – I started to clear out some cupboards. It was an attempt to keep my fingers out of the tin of Quality Street that are the remnants of Christmas excess. I miss my friends and social contact.

If I had my way today I would have opened a bottle of wine (actually got someone to open it for me to save getting off the couch), had the tin beside me as I ordered a takeaway curry for dinner. Are takeaways even open now? I am so confused with all the rule changes.

For now, I am going to look out some really nice sunny photos. Spring is round the corner and I will have a word with myself and remember how lucky I am. I am fit and well and have my family around me. That is a blessing indeed.

Stay safe. x