Dreamcatchers talks franchising…

As you know we have just completed the build of cabin number five.

For those of you who have ever walked a dog bursting with energy and pulling at the lead desperate to run ahead, that is kind of how I feel most days at Dreamcatcher Cabins. The level of energy Brian and the boys have when it comes to expanding Dreamcatchers has me lying In a darkened room with a cold compress some days!

However, they are quite right. We have developed a concept that is working extremely well. People love getting back to nature, sitting in front of a crackling fire, and just taking the time to reconnect with each other.We cannot keep up with the demand for bookings and so many people are being disappointed that they cannot come to stay on the dates they would like.

We are keen to keep our site exclusive and private with a small amount of cabins, but keen that people get to experience the pleasure of reconnecting with each other and with nature.

Recently the boys came up with the idea of franchising Dreamcatchers. We had several productive chats about it but really I thought, if I smiled and agreed, the idea would float quietly back off into the distance. I think my last comments on the matter were something like “well, it would need to be your baby Jamie – remember I’ve retired!”.

This morning as I was admiring my new blonde highlights in the mirror as Jamie appeared by my side. “What are you doing this morning mum?” said he. This is always a dangerous question and this morning was no exception.

Before I knew what was happening I was in a zoom meeting with a person interested in purchasing a franchise. Of course it was just an initial chat with us giving our ideas and listening to the ideas from them. We were very honest and said we are at the very beginning of the process. There is a lot of work for us to do before we are ready to present the package.

I have to confess it was really quite exciting. It would give us another very small site in Scotland where guests could enjoy an identical experience. It is just the start of an idea at present, but we have begun to put together a brochure and the bones of how it would operate. It would be really rewarding to help somebody else set up a Dreamcatcher site and have it running to the same design and standards that we have.

Quick! Another cold compress needed!