Dreamcatcher Honeymoons Expand

This morning we climbed out of bed early and headed to Carlisle. On my to-do list for the last 3 weeks as been to buy a VW van to convert for Dreamcatcher Honeymoons.

It has been a source of frustration to me how few vans are around and there is a waiting list to get one new. I do not like things sitting on my list for so long!

We plan to convert a camper van in the same theme as our cabins. It will have wooden cupboards and working surfaces (from our own wood), fairy lights, beautiful bedding and lots of other little touches I have not even thought of yet! It will have a bike rack, bikes, and an awning. Like the cabins were 2 years ago – the vision is still in our head!

We already have a honeymoon package on our website if you want to look which is a guided tour round Scotland but based in the cabins. It is built around your personal interests.

This package will be a 4 night stay in the cabins and then 10 nights touring in the camper van. We will provide suggested routes for you to use – all tried and tested. When we asked your thoughts the feedback was very positive so we went for it!

Today I ticked the van off my to do list!