Do I need to get out more?

I cannot tell you how excited I am with recent developments (ie today) in the Red Squirrel’s Dray. Will has started doing the “finishings” and they are looking stunning. I love wood and I think the larch touches just look fantastic. The shower is going in and I am very pleased with my sparkles too. Will is adding his own touches like little shelves etc. With the tartan rugs, crisp white sheets, a red squirrel cushion or 2 it is going to be like a little nest – well a dray actually. Brian is contemplating moving in! It will be finished by Friday for Brian to put the railings etc round the decking. The wood burning stove was ordered last night, the bath arrives on Wednesday, the tartan rugs are here, the bedding is on its way – all action here at Dreamcatchers. Our local photographer Ashley Combes ( will come shortly to take the photos for the website – he is fantastic and our local drone photographer will be doing some shots from above to give you a different perspective – Harry Wilson (, another very talented young man. It is great to have such talented people locally to use. Having used them both before I can highly recommend them to you. Ryan has been busy today sorting the hardcore in the car park. Every cabin will have its own space with a sign. Will is also going to do some carvings for us. He is the European Chainsaw Champion and we are going to take full advantage of that! We are going to have carvings of all the different animals around the place which will be lovely. We have this urge to have a bear carved too. It is not in keeping with the theme of local wildlife but, just sometimes, as with the sparkles, you have to wander slightly from the chosen path.

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